InnovateHealth Yale


InnovateHealth Yale (IHY) is committed to one concept: change. They are a group of Yale faculty, program directors, and students focused on using the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation to promote health and prevent disease. IHY is a home for those at Yale interested in creating innovative solutions to health challenges—with a focus on underserved populations in the United States and low resource countries. They train students to become change agents, catalyze interdisciplinary entrepreneurial efforts to address national and global health problems, and bring to Yale social innovators as role models and mentors. IHY believes that social entrepreneurship can be taught and the best students are those with a passion for change, a willingness to encounter risk, and a vision.

What They Do

To achieve these aims, IHY—a program based at the Yale School of Public Health—partners with leading organizations for innovation on campus, including the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, the Center for Business and the Environment, The School of Management, The Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, the Global Health Initiative, and the Office of Cooperative Research. They offer the Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health, a $25,000 award to the best student-led venture focused on social innovation in health. IHY supports summer internships in social enterprises and brings world leaders in social entrepreneurship to campus. In 2015, they will offer a course in health innovation, co-taught by the School of Public Health and the School of Management.

How to Get Involved

Explore their website, learn about their work, and join their efforts. Sign up for emails, follow IHY on Twitter.

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