Center for Engineering Innovation and Design

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The Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, also known as the CEID, fosters innovation and interdisciplinary creativity at Yale. Located on the first floor of the Becton Engineering Center, the CEID gives access to tools and resources for classes, design projects and collaboration. The space consists of a lecture area, meeting rooms, machine shops, a wet lab, and a studio for the creation of physical prototypes.

The CEID has more than 1700 members from across Yale, including undergraduate, graduate and professional students, faculty members, and research staff. They are supported by a network of staff, faculty, and external mentors, lecturers, and specialists. While the CEID stems from the School of Engineering & Applied Science, students, staff, and faculty from all disciplines are welcome to engage.

What They Do

The CEID infuses design into learning experiences through an array of classes and activities. In addition to hosting courses on engineering, innovation, and design, the CEID holds workshops, lectures, tech talks, and exhibitions. Student teams and clubs can also use the space for meetings and project work. The CEID supports innovation and entrepreneurship through its Summer Fellowship Program, through which students receive a competitive stipend to pursue student-driven projects in teams at the CEID with access to equipment, materials, storage, and project mentoring.

How to Get Involved

Full-time students, research staff, and faculty of any discipline at Yale can become a CEID member. To join, one must complete a short quiz on Yale ClassesV2 and attend an on-site orientation of the Center. For more information, check out the Get Involved page of our website,

The CEID is located on the first floor of Becton, 15 Prospect Street, New Haven CT. Contact us at ceid [at] yale [dot] edu.

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