For the Foodies


Restaurant week has long passed and Thanksgiving is only a week away. Foodies everywhere are getting excited to head home and enjoy time with family and respite from the Yale dining system. To tide you over, we’ve culled a list of some of Yale’s best food innovations and endeavors.

1) Pear– Started by Sahil Gupta (2017) with the assistance of Jenny Allen (2016), this website helps pair you with a stranger for lunch. With over 500 students registered through Sahil’s CAS protected login, Pear may be the best way to for upperclassmen to feel like freshman again. Meet new people. Never eat alone again.

2) House of York– Lucas Sin’s (2015) pop up restaurant resides in the Davenport buttery. Visit the Dive to experience a delicious, ten dish meal, cooked completely by students. The menu changes every week. The prices are student friendly.

3) Spoon University– Founded a few years ago, this website gives food advice to college students. Everything from recipes to local restaurant reviews are covered. A branch of Spoon University was brought to Yale this April.

4) Sillikneads– To those of you who enjoyed JE Room Service last year, and lamented about the graduation of its founders— Silliman now offers delicious baked goodies.

5) Fruit Report– On hold for the semester, Fruit Report tweets about the state of fruit at Yale—dining hall by dining hall.

6) isitchickentendersday?– This one goes without saying.

Look for in depth articles in the next few weeks.

Nicole Clark

Nicole Clark is a junior in Pierson, majoring in English. She is an executive board member of the Yale Entrepreneur Society, Kappa Kappa Gamma's New Member Chair, and founder of Pierson Papercraft. Nicole loves going to concerts and is an avid reader and writer of poetry. You can find her riding her bike around campus and swiping people into the Pierson dining hall on family night. Contact her at:

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