Sillikneads: Homebaked Goods


SilliKneads is the newest addition to Yale’s growing lineup of student-run food businesses. Started by Melia Bernal ‘17, SilliKneads brings homemade baked goods to students in Silliman College every Sunday morning.

The student-run bakery was initially inspired by JE Room Service, a baked goods delivery company started in Jonathan Edwards College last semester. SilliKneads currently runs independently through Silliman College.

Students can pick however many items they want from the changing menu using an online form. The menu, which consists of an assortment of sweet and savory goods, varies from week to week based on student suggestions and what the bakers themselves are craving.

“We try to keep it seasonal,” Bernal said. SilliKneads’ most recent menu included fall-themed offerings such as pumpkin French toast bake and apple crumble, with the bakers planning to focus on holiday treats in the coming weeks. So far, Bernal’s favorite creations have been the pumpkin cinnamon rolls, apple cider doughnuts, and blueberry scones.

The team has expanded to a group of seven bakers who meet every Saturday afternoon to experiment with new recipes; other Sillimanders occasionally drop in to taste test. The SilliKneads team spends up to six hours in the college’s kitchen prepping ingredients, experimenting, and preparing the baked goods for distribution. On Sunday morning, they heat up and deliver the orders.

Even though SilliKneads has only been operating for a little over a month, the service has already been getting anywhere from 25 to 50 orders a week. The bakers come to SilliKneads with varying levels of baking experience, united by the desire to meet the “kneads” of Silliman students and bring homemade baked goods to a college setting.

“Everyone likes a piece of home on a Sunday morning,” Bernal said. “We wanted to do something that brought the community together and we thought something like this would really make people happy.”

SilliKneads has been getting positive reviews from Silliman students so far. “I was very excited when they started,” said Eli Feldman ‘16. “[SilliKneads] has never been late or missed a delivery.” Eli adds that he thinks SilliKneads is a great addition to the Silliman community and appreciates the range of options the service provides.“I love having fresh baked goods on the weekends,” Eli said. “It’s nice to be able to choose; you don’t have to just go with whatever the dining hall has.”

All of SilliKneads’ baked goods cost $2 upon delivery and students can order all week up until Friday afternoon.

Anny Dow

Anny Dow is a junior in Silliman and a Cognitive Science major with a focus on positive emotion and decision making. In addition to being on the YEM team, Anny is a research assistant in the Yale Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab and a project manager for the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group. She enjoys hiking, playing the violin, watching Disney movies, and drinking ridiculous quantities of coffee.

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