Originally posted on CORE Impulse here, “how one Columbia College Alum is taking contemporary art beyond gallery walls and into the digital marketplace”.

Hanging above my bed is one of my favorite prints: Klimt’s “The Tree of Life.” I probably picked it because one, it goes with my Art History major and two,  it makes living in a dorm room a little less dismal. This era of scotch-taped poster hanging as art may end when you graduate college, but your prospects as a collector don’t have to. Columbia College Alum Tze Chun’s Uprise Art has come up with a sophisticated solution to bring you a tasteful selection of art that won’t break the bank.

Uprise Art is an online gallery that focuses on making the experience of art collecting both more personalized and more attainable.  By valuing the process of discovery, collectors are guided to verbalize what they are looking for so that the final purchase is a perfect fit.  Founder Tze Chun offers, “We want people to collect art that they love”, stressing that artwork should be something that you want to live with. Owning a piece of artwork that you love is also financially feasible, with Uprise Art offering monthly installment plans to help defer the cost.

Tze started her career as an entrepreneur early on during her time at Columbia. Taking over 20 credits while managing the CU Bartending Agency at the start of her junior year and a leadership role in Orchesis, she quickly learned how to manage her time wisely. Instead of chipping away at a little bit of everything at once, Tze found balance in blocking out her time to dedicate her full energy and attention to one portion of a project at a time.  These time management skills, along with her passion for running the CU Bartending agency, imbued Tze with a strong entrepreneurial focus by the time of her graduation.

At the time of Uprise Art’s founding in 2010, digital information about art was just starting to appear on the web.  More galleries were putting images of their art online for collectors to browse through at their leisure. Noticing this trend, Tze acted quickly to test out an idea for an online gallery. She’s since been successful in establishing Uprise Art, with a growing client base and a carefully selected brood of artists on the site.

While most galleries haven’t made a concrete switch to strictly online services over a brick and mortar home base, there are some serious benefits to consider in an online home. For one, there’s a wide range of flexibility in exhibition spaces that are able to cater to a variety of audiences. From the month long pop-up exhibition Uprise Art Outpost to the PULSE Miami Art Fair this past fall, Uprise Art is able to draw the attention of collectors and art enthusiasts around the world.

With the world of personal curation and subscription-based product sites growing rapidly, it will interesting to see where Uprise Art is headed in the next few years. More people than ever are becoming interested in contemporary art, and the art world, in turn, has returned the favor by entertaining these characters on a sort of middle ground. Art fairs like Art Basel Miami have become cultural hotspots and galleries the newest Instagram worthy backdrops and geotags. Tze has hit the sweet spot with Uprise Art, and shows no signs of stopping.

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