5 Things You Didn’t Know About Yale Solar Decathlon

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Imagine building a house from the ground up, from design to construction. Now imagine having to build it at net-zero impact—100% sustainable. Sound difficult? We thought so.

Yale Solar Decathlon has spent the past two years doing just that, and to celebrate, here are 5 things you didn’t know about the project:

 1 This is the FIRST time Yale has entered Solar Decathlon:

The team brought this competition to Yale’s attention. It is the largest cross-disciplinary project available to students, and finally gives students the chance to apply skills they’d normally keep in the classroom.

2 It is entirely student run:

The Yale Solar Decathlon team is made of a small group of undergraduate and graduate architects and engineers. They have also been working independently of the university. Though the administration has been generous with space, they have not been forthcoming with funding. As a result, the team has engineered their house to be the most innovative and cost effective out of the competitive pool—a pool that normally receives backing from their universities.

3 The house is beautiful:

Here are photos of what the house will look like. With adequate funding the team even has plans to make a series of phase change insulation furniture to go in the house. Learn more on their website or by following their story on Facebook and Twitter. Be #houseproud.

4 There’s outside interest:

An art collective in North Carolina has expressed interest in purchasing the house in order to build an artists’ community. They believe in sustainability and connecting the people to the land. The similarity in climate zone means the house would need minimal upgrades. Sounds like a great fit to us!

5 They’re on Kickstarter:

The team has one month left to raise sufficient funding for Solar Decathlon, and they can’t do it without help. If you believe in making something beautiful. If you believe in saving the environment. If you know the feeling of having skin in the game—share their story. Back their Kickstarter. The project is a staff pick so you know it’s good.


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