Yalies Eligible for Cupid’s Cup Pitch Competition for First Time

The 2016 Cupid's Cup Winners, Javazen, with Kevin Plank and Ariana Huffington

As of July of this year, Yale is officially an Under Armour school. And Under Armour—which currently sponsors prime-time sports schools such as Notre Dame and Wisconsin—is reportedly shelling out big bucks for its first stab at the Ivy League: a whopping $16.5 million over 10 years.

But alongside fancy new apparel, Yale entrepreneurs should also take note of another unexpected perk. As members of an Under Armour school, Yale startups are now eligible to enter the Cupid’s Cup Competition for the first time.

Run by the foundational arm of Under Armour’s Founder and CEO Kevin Plank, the annual business competition pits college startups against one another for a chance at $100,000 in cash prizes and access to Kevin Plank’s professional network. The deadline to apply is January 1, 2017, and applications can be submitted online.

According to the website, Kevin Plank earned the seed money for what would eventually become Under Armour through entrepreneurial ventures he pursued as an undergraduate, and his Cupid’s Cup Competition is a way to give back and inspire future entrepreneurs like him.

Past winners have included a service for finding college scholarships, a new drink that combines coffee and tea, and a zombie-themed 5k race, and past judges have included Ariana Huffington and Shark Tank’s Daymond John alongside Plank himself. This year, semi-finals will be held on Under Armour’s campus in Baltimore and finals will be at Northwestern’s campus outside of Chicago.

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