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The Yale Entrepreneurship Magazine is a media hub for all things entrepreneurship at Yale. YE Mag aims to spark interest in entrepreneurship by spotlighting student and alumni ventures, and we make it easy for Yale’s community to navigate the University’s vast network of entrepreneurial resources. Our website and once-a-semester publication provides coverage of on- and off-campus events, interviews with notable founders, and insights into entrepreneurial developments in the world at large.

Yale isn’t traditionally known for its start-up scene, but that is changing. YE Mag gives readers an all-access look at the rapidly growing movement of entrepreneurship at Yale, and gives students the tools they need to pursue their own ideas. Discover what’s next.


Phoebe Gould · Managing Editor

Phoebe is a junior in Branford and a History major. Outside of the Yale Entrepreneurship Magazine, Phoebe is a Soprano II in Something Extra, an all-female a cappella group, and a Design Editor for the Yale Banner. She loves musical theater, libraries, and spending time with her yellow lab Ellie.

Jacob B2

Jacob Bendicksen · Staff Writer

Jacob is a sophomore in Branford and a prospective Computer Science/Psychology major. He’s a member of the Yale Climbing Team despite his fear of heights, and is involved with Yale Launch and the Yale Entrepreneurial Society. He can usually be found in the CEID, reading FiveThirtyEight, or drinking English breakfast tea (preferably all three at the same time).


Allie Forman · Staff Writer

Allie is a junior in Silliman and a chemistry major interested in the intersection of human and environmental health. She’s involved with the Yale Undergraduate Mindfulness Education Project, a group that teaches mindfulness to New Haven students. Her ideal day would involve going for a long run and curling with a good book, a bottomless cup of tea, and many oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

YEM Headshot Carina

Carina Hahn · Staff Writer

Carina Hahn is a sophomore in Trumbull College. She is a department manager for the Women’s Leadership Initiative, is involved with the Circle of Women nonprofit at Yale, and writes for the Record. She has worked for four years with the technology-focused startup Library for All, and is particularly interested in the intersection of entrepreneurship and social justice. She loves 80s music and late-night milkshakes at the Buttery.


Michelle Lim · Staff Writer, Social Media

Michelle is a sophomore from sunny Singapore. Having had little exposure to entrepreneurship in Singapore, she is excited about the many opportunities to explore entrepreneurship here at Yale, particularly regarding education and healthcare. She plays in the Club Squash team and brainstorms ideas to change the world in Yale LAUNCH. Her hobbies include singing in the shower, watching musical theatre and writing about film.


Sarah Strober · Staff Writer

Sarah is a sophomore in Silliman and a prospective Economics major. She’s a member of the Yale Refugee Project and Y-Pop Up, a pop-up restaurant on campus. You can find her reading recipe books as novels to decide which cookies to bake next, and then taking pictures of said cookies for her food Instagram, @tasteslikesf.


Adriel Sumathipala · Staff Writer

Adriel is a sophomore in Saybrook College. He was named a 2015 Google Science Fair Global Finalist, BioGENEius Finalist, and two-time Intel ISEF Finalist for his research on heart disease diagnostics, and he primarily covers biotechnology for YE Mag. Outside of the lab and classroom, Adriel enjoys listening to podcasts, reading history, and hanging out with his suitemates.