A Khushi Baby is a Healthier Baby

At Yale, student entrepreneurs aren’t just brainstorming new products and reshaping existing services. They’re saving infants’ lives with tiny, high-tech necklaces. Khushi Baby, a new…


Do Good. Look Great.

Amanda Rinderle and Jonas Clark started with a simple desire to find high-quality, sustainably sourced and responsibly manufactured goods. Though they could easily find eco-friendly…


For the Foodies

Restaurant week has long passed and Thanksgiving is only a week away. Foodies everywhere are getting excited to head home and enjoy time with family…

innovation assembly

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

“Here’s the bottom line: Every day, everywhere, the entrepreneurial spirit animates Yale. And, importantly, there’s a double bottom line, as that spirit seeks results that…

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How to Find a Programmer

Andrew Satz, president of Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE), explains how to overcome the challenge of finding a programmer. “I have a great idea….